Monday, May 16, 2011

Montag Morgen Ablenkung

I think this is as good at time as any to distract myself from (a) this thick covering of grey cloud that I've woken up to (b) the depths of my latest psychology assignment and (c) my absolutely terrifying new German classes (more on those when I reemerge following the completion of (b)). Here are a few of my favourite bits and pieces I've uprooted since my last Montag Morgen Ablenkung. A bit video heavy, but then I'm not much up to using my brain this morning.

* First up, as an absolute convert to German wine (well, convert to German white wine) I was recently "introduced" (via Twitter - oh, the wonders of modern technology) to The Wine Rambler, two Germans wine enthusiasts who share their wine tasting notes - in English - on largely German wines, plus the grape-related produce of one or two other countries as well. It's a great read that I would recommend it to anyone who's started getting to know German wine or just a little bit curious about the wine Germany produces. And especially those for whom the mention of German wine conjures thoughts of a bottle of Blue Nun.

* In the shame-filled aftermath of Lena failing to land Germany a much-hoped for (mostly by Stefan Raab) double Eurovision win, here she is performing what I personally consider would have been a much better competition entry. Warning: once you have watched this you will never stop singing it. Ever. (Thanks for that, Meg.)

* My second video of the week - which I don't have the words to describe, well no words other than "insane lipsyncing German DJ" - you will find over at Otomcio. There is an ongoing argument over whether that accent is real or not.

And this week's non-German entries:

* A third, much gentler video, just to calm us all down a bit after that madness (I've forgotten where I got this, so apologies to whoever it came from).

* I love chicken, salmon, beef and prawns as much as the next flesh-eater, but I don't really want to drink them

* And finally, it's my favourite time of the year again. Which time? The World Beard and Moustache Championships time. I can't believe you even had to ask.

Right... I'm crawling back under my rock now. See you on the other side...


otomcio said...

Good luck this week :)

P.S. Flula is definitely German but there can be no doubt his German accent is exaggerated. No doubt.

fiona said...

Go Germany! I am completely impressed with Germany's first prize winning entry in the 'freestyle full beard category' with the little animal. You can't get that done in Toni & Guy.

Frau Dietz said...

@Otomcio: thanks!! and yes, sorry, definitely no argument over him BEING German.

@Fiona: the freestyle full beard is my favourite category. But what little animal?! Where??!

Yelli said...

These are great!!!!! I love Sesamstraße!! I watch it occasionally but I haven't seen celebrities on it as much as the US one.

Laurel said...

Love the link with Lena and Ernie singing, you're right I'll be singing that forever. Good luck with your German, I can totally relate. I have my last German test tomorrow and then I'm done with taking intensive classes - too intense :)

Frau Dietz said...

@Yelli: hello :) I haven't watched any German Sesame Street before now but I think this could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship for me and it!

@Laurel: Congratulations!! Lucky, lucky you :) I think I'm on my last course now too, but I think it is going to pretty much finish me off!

Debbie Beardsley @ European Travelista said...

Loved the Beard and Moustache championship pictures! I really can't believe that actually takes place.

I'll be looking into the wine guys too :)

Jan said...

I have to admit I read your post and watched the "Bert" clip the other day...but I came back today so I could watch it again.

cliff1976 said...

I like Lena singing in German SO.MUCH.BETTER than...uh...Satellite's original language.

Frau Dietz said...

@Debbie: it's one of the highlights of my year ;)

@Jan: haha I know it's great, isn't it?!

@Cliff: AGREED.