Thursday, February 02, 2012

Where did January go?

Having failed to blog about all sorts things I got up to last year that I'd really wanted to write about, I have an enthusiastically half-written "where did 2011 go?" sort of a blog post in my drafts. However, with February already on the scene my nostalgic musings about 2011 suddenly appear a little - like whichever Apple product it was that you got for Christmas - out of date.

It seems that the dust caused by last year screeching to an almighty halt four weeks ago had barely settled before February turned up, all trumpets and fanfares, pointing sternly at my new psychology textbook whilst blowing raspberries in my face. I just don't know where January went. Well I do: it was spent swimming frantically up and down a chlorinated lane full of old men in baggy swimming trunks, working hard, reading hard, mending things, creating heavenly vegetarian feasts in the kitchen, admiring newly upholstered chairs, hanging out with friends, hanging out with family, meeting my new tandem partner (also called Frau Dietz: brilliant) and trying to fill in a fifteen-page employment form. It's just, well, rather like the twelve months that vanished before it, I don't feel like I have anything to show for it. Having said that, I'm currently tucking into my brand new psychology course book and every time my eyes pass over the words "computer model" and "statistic" I'm aware of another small cluster of my brain cells popping like bubble wrap... so if nothing else, I'll have a few more wrinkles to as proof of my diligence by the time this month comes to a close.

It's a shame about the 2011 review blogpost really, because it included some lovely photos of beaches with white sands and twinkling lagoons; a picture of a nice plump apple strudel; and a video of 30,000 (give or take) Mainz 05 fans singing You'll Never Walk Alone which would raise the hairs on the backs of the necks of even the most unemotional and disinterested sports' fan. And the hackles of any single Liverpool fan, come to think of it. Or Celtic fan, for that matter. Anyhow, given that it's -11 here today I think I'll share a couple of photos of idyllic Cretian beaches anyway. Close your eyes, block out the frostbite and soldier on, folks: it'll be springtime before we know it.

Elafonisi beach, southwestern Crete
Sweetwater beach: our brief resting spot during an adventurous 36-hour cashpoint-finding challenge.


fiona said...

But it should have been 'headered' by a photo of the dining room chairs!

It sounds like you have been awfully busy. I love that your new tandem partner is also called Frau Dietz. It's always fun when you have a friend with the same name. My best friend used to introduce us (to guys in bars and nightclubs) with "We're Fiona" and they would always ask "And what's your name?". Oh God, it doesn't sound amusing at all, but it amused us, and was always handy when people were too drunk to remember 2 separate names. Now I'm cringing, so let's move on: those beaches look lovely! I hope you found a cash machine1 Sounds very 'Challenge Annika'. Right, that's it, I'm off. Even my ancient references are making me feel uncomfortable..

shoegirl said...

I'm right there with you! Usually, I dread this time of year right after the holidays when it's freezing and there's nothing going on, but with fairly temperate weather (well, until now!) and just some minor projects, it seems like the month has passed in no time at all. I agree with Fiona - can't wait to see the chairs!

Thanks for the lovely photos! Now I'm even more intently counting down the days till my Mom visits and we take her on a road trip to the Med. Ahhh... (this CA girl is desperate for the sea!)

Frau Dietz said...

Fiona: It took an entire ten minutes of stirring soup before I worked out what "headered" meant. Too many of my brain cells must have combusted. Frau Dietz hasn't caught onto the calling-each-other-Frau-Dietz thing at all, I'm massively disappointed. And our cashpoint challenge was TOTALLY Challenge Anneka, just with less lycra and zero jeep.

Shoegirl: I still managed a week of misery and woe and what-is-the-point-ness when I got back from London after Christmas but gawd knows where the rest of January went. Well, ok, some of it went towards hot chocolating with you... ;)

Tom said...

Ah yes. Drafts do have a used-by date, don't they? Shame. Why don't you back-post. Just change the date on the post before submitting it ;)

Glad to hear the 'Double-Dietz' language sessions are going well.


Riayn said...

Like you, I'm definitely left wondering where January has gone and February looks like it is about to blaze past in a similar fashion.

I just love the pictures of Crete. Look how blue that water is! Just so perfect.

fiona said...

Don't worry. I think I made 'headered' up.

Frau Dietz said...

@Tom: hahaha... Double Dietz... haha... hahaha...

@Riayn: I KNOW. I wouldn't mind some of that now, I can tell you!

@Fiona: I am going to enter it for next year's Dictionary. Can one do that? You know, like, Britain's Got Words..?

German Gems said...

I'd say you accomplished quite a bit. Isn't the old saying "life is what happens when you quit blogging" or something like that?

Andrew said...

Is there a time after blogging? I don't know if I remember anymore.

Beautiful pictures. When were you in Crete? It is on our list of places to see.

Jean | Delightful Repast said...

Frau, never complain about "a chlorinated lane full of old men in baggy swimming trunks." It could have been a lane full of old men in Speedos"! :D

Frau Dietz said...

@German Gems: Ha - quite!

@Andrew: We went last September and it was heavenly - I'd highly recommend it. Perhaps I should do you a special blog post just to convince you to book a trip :)

@Jean: that's unfortunately exactly what I meant! But actually, I'm not sure which is worse - a snug speedo or a baggy one?!!