Sunday, June 03, 2012

Why so quiet, Frau Dietz?

I always have time for Earwatch.
It's been a bit quiet around here of late, but it's for mostly all good and all happy (if currently slightly stressful) reason: not only have I been studying myself into the ground lately, but *klaxon and flashing lights* I am very excited to share the news that literally out of nowhere, I landed a job.  A job!  An actual, proper grown up job with an office and colleagues and a canteen and lots and lots of work to do.  I'm chuffed to bits.  It has of course meant a whole new German cultural learning curve and I'm definitely struggling with studying at the same time as doing a full time job, but so far - and that's just over a month in - I'm absolutely loving it.  Loving not just the actual job, but also the resulting shift in my expat reality.  I absolutely adored my first two years here and I wouldn't change a thing about them, but I'm loving this new challenge and the rather dramatic change of pace.

It's not been all hard work and no play over the last couple of months, but I am having to pretty much remove myself from the fun zone until I finish my studies in October.  However, it's not been difficult to enjoy a few of the simpler things over the last few weeks: I've revelled in the last couple of weeks of glorious sunshine - and equally enjoyed getting caught in rainstorms of monsoon-like proportions.  I've been gorging myself on the most recent seasonal offerings: rhubarb, new potatoes, white asparagus and now piles and piles of heavenly, deep red strawberries.  I have those and the asparagus coming out of my ears, and have a couple more recipes to share as a result; I've nailed a classic German asparagus dish (with cooked ham, potatoes and Hollandaise) and had an awful lot of fun experimenting with mounds of wild garlic, too.  Continuing on the food theme, I also recently wrote an insider's guide to Wiesbaden - essentially a list of local foodie recommendations - for* and am stacking up a few more restaurant reviews in the drafts section of Eating Wiesbaden.
A Frau Dietz post would hardly be a Frau Dietz post without a photo of a massive hunk of pork
We've have had friends to stay, two of whom we mainly spent the weekend feeding various forms of pig to (see knuckle, above) and a further one with whom we wandered through the forest in the baking late April heat to meet Otomcio in a tiny village suburb of Wiesbaden called Frauenstein.  There we sunk sampled a couple of unmarked bottles of extraordinarily good Riesling, on recommendation from B's hairdresser, at Weingut Sinz's summer Strauswirtschaft.
I would love that to be my local.  And behind it?  What's left of Frauenstein castle
An 1,000 year old Linden tree, propped up by a well-placed and presumably very strong bit of metal
I also went on my third trip to the Coface Arena to watch Mainz 05 play a really, really dull game against Wolfsburg, though it was preceded by an anti-homophobia demonstration from the official Mainz 05 fan club that brought tears to my eyes: you wouldn't get that in many football stadiums.  Good skills, Mainz.
Anyhow, I'd best get back to my books.  I hope it's not going to be another two months before I manage to write another post, because I have been collecting all sorts of embarrassing work stories and photos of wonderful food to share.  Things being what they are, however, it might well be.  So in the meantime, please does anyone have any tips on settling into German office life?

*disclaimer: In the interest of transparency, I was paid for the article and with it, to share this link.


fiona said...

I have no words of wisdom to offer about the German workplace, but a hearty congratulations none the less! Yay hey! I'm very excited for you. I can't help but wonder what the German workplace is like, so I'm looking forward to hearing loads about it. I bet they even hide sinks in cupboards in offices. You should check! Hee hee...

P.S. Still loving the squirrel btw. He's such a handsome chap.

P.P.S. These comment things are getting harder and harder. Photos now of people's house numbers?? It's like the Krypton Factor!

Frau Dietz said...

Thank you for battling through the commenting process. It drives me mad. I am going to pretend it's the Crystal Maze instead of the Krypton Factor though and pop you over a Time Crystal; if you comment enough times I will allow you a go in the Dome.

p.s. Thank you for my congratulations as well :)

fiona said...

Goodness yes, the Crystal Maze, I suspect next I will have to enter in the two words while having to walk along a rope suspended over water. At that point I am giving up on commenting.

Anyway, I am seriously impressed that you can distinguish between squirrels! I am convinced it was that skill that put you head and shoulders above the other candidates!

German Gems said...

Congrats! Sorry, no words of wisdom for you, just hope you're not too busy to share your experiences with us.

Frau Dietz said...

@Fiona: If it hadn't been taken an hour's bus ride over the other side of the river, I'd be inclined to agree with you. But let's not tell my new boss that *taps nose*

@German Gems: Thank you!! :)

residentonearth said...

Yay!!!!! Congrats on the job!! I'm very excited for you. Yeah, a real German job certainly turned a corner in my German expat experience. I loved my free time getting to know this country, but now that I'm working, I'm happy, too, just feeling like I live and work here, if that makes sense. :-)

Frau Dietz said...

Thank you, Ms On Earth!! And yes, what you say absolutely makes sense. Life feels just as good, just entirely different :)